Fruit and Vegetable Garden

            The time is nearing to plant your fruit and vegetables for this year!  I cannot wait to grow our own fruits and vegetables again!  If you are interested in having a garden, here are a few steps to help you with your upcoming project.

If you haven’t gardened previously, then draw a plan of what you want your garden to look like and have in it. Once you have the specs, figure out how many plants you can have in your space (make sure that you keep in mind spacing).  If space is a problem, then make a list of plants you would like to have in your garden and try to include your top plants.

Writing down the cost you spend each month on fruit and veggies can help you figure out if it would be worth the effort to start your own garden this year.  There is an initial investment in plants, mulch, etc., but the benefits far outweigh the costs if you have a successful garden.  Remember that there is a learning curve and do not get discouraged if things don’t work out the way you want the first or even second year.

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