Planning Your Spring Garden

Now is the perfect time to plan for your spring garden! There are many perks to planning ahead: you can get everyone’s opinion for your garden, it is a fun family project, and you can save enough to create the garden you really want this spring.

The first step in planning your garden is to pick out a location; if you already have one from the year’s past, then check this off your list. When choosing a location keep in mind what types of plants you want to have in your garden – this will help you choose an ideal location for you and your plants.

After you have chosen your location, then it is time to get creative. This is the fun part of this process; so don’t hold back and experiment. Try to envision what you want your garden to look like and any decorations you might want to add (examples, a sundial, birdbath, decorative planter, etc). This is a great time to get the family involved in the process.
Once you have decided on the plants, design, and placements of your garden then you can move onto creating a list. The list should contain everything you need to create your garden; don’t forget things such as potting soil when creating your list. When you have your list then take it to the store and get prices (you can also look online since many stores won’t have plants out yet to price for the spring).

Then the hard part is waiting and saving for your garden. Just remember it will be worth the wait when you and your family see the finished product and know you created it together!

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  1. Jesse says:

    I think this article would be helpful for my clients getting ready this spring
    Would you mind if I posted it in my website and sourced it here?

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