Plant Care for August

There are a few things that you can do in August to help ensure that you will have healthy plants for next spring and a bountiful garden in the fall:

  • Water your garden at least an inch per week
  • Plant your fall garden: carrots, beets, broccoli, cabbages, etc.
  • Fertilize your strawberries, and water them thoroughly so that the fertilizer is washed off the plant

Flowers will benefit from removing all the dead foliage from the plant.  When the plant has dead parts it is still expending energy on that part.  So by removing this area you are helping the plant remain efficient with its energy.

If you have not fertilized your plants this summer now is a good time to complete this task.  You can also divide your daylilies, hostas, and irises right now to prepare for next spring.  When you divide and fertilize your plants be sure to water them more so than usual.  They will need this additional water for their health.

Good luck with your Gardening and as always we to see your pictures!

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