This beautiful flower does well in the south and this is why you see it so often.  It is ornamental and comes in a variety of colors: yellow, orange, white, pink and red (different mixtures of these as well).

Lantana can get as big as you let it; so if you have a large space with a few years it can be filled with this wonderful addition to your garden.  Lantana needs sun to partial shade and blooms from summer to fall.  If you have it in a container you can bring it indoor during the winter and enjoy its blooms year round.    Be careful of the stems, because they are poisonous if ingested by people and animals.

Lantana is easy to maintain.  It doesn’t need much water once the plant is established.  Fertilizer is always helpful when growing plants, but do not over-fertilize (refer to our “Can I Fertilize My Plants Too Much” article on our blog).

Good Luck with your gardening and as always we would love to see your pictures of your existing lantanas or your newly planted ones!  We can post them on our blog for everyone to enjoy!

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