Can I Fertilize My Plants Too Much?

We all know that we need to fertilize our plants to make them healthier and so that they will bloom and flourish more.  However, is there such a thing as over fertilization?

The answer is yes you can definitely over fertilize your plants.  Do not let this fact deter you from fertilizing all together though.  There are a few things you can do to ensure that you do not have this happen to your plant.

  • Know that more fertilizer does not equal a healthier plant
  • Check the bag of fertilizer and see how much it recommends for your plant
  • Get a measuring cup specifically for your bag of fertilizer and then use it as a scooper/measuring cup
  • Pull back the mulch from around your plant so you can see how much fertilizer is going around the root base (it may not seem like you are fertilizing as much as you actually are)

These simple steps will help to ensure you have happy and healthy plants.  Make sure to water the fertilizer in when you are finished and then wait a couple of weeks and enjoy the side effects of your hard work!

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