How is an Endless Summer Hydrangea different from other Hydrangeas?

In the South, hydrangeas are prevalent and beautiful.  There is nothing better than seeing a grouping of older hydrangeas that are covered in blooms.  When referring to these older hydrangeas I am not specifying a type, because there are several.   With that being said the new endless summer hydrangea is a revolution to people who love to see the blooms on hydrangeas.

All other types of hydrangeas, other than the endless summer, can only bloom on new wood; meaning they can only bloom once.  Endless Summer Hydrangeas are a hybrid which can bloom on new and old wood.  This is exciting, because you can have more blooms on your hydrangea.  So you can enjoy the glorious blooms on yours and your neighbor’s hydrangeas for longer.

These plants are extremely low maintenance.  Make sure that you pick a good spot for your endless summer hydrangea.  It prefers morning sun and afternoons shade.  It is better not to prune them unless it is overgrown.  This is to ensure that you do not accidentally cut off future blooms.

Good luck with your gardening and we would love to see pictures of your hydrangeas!   We will post the best ones on Ready to Mow’s Facebook page.

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