It is that time Again to Prune Your Roses!

I can hardly believe it myself, but it is time to pull out your pruning shears.  This is a very easy way to make your roses grow and flourish for years to come.  I could not believe the growth that our first rose had after we pruned that first time.  Since then we have added probably at least 30 roses to our yard.  It feels like you are doing harm to your plant, but you will see for yourself this spring that is not the case.

First, you will need some gloves, a pair of pruning shears and your rose.  When pruning the rose you will want to remove any dead branches.  The dead ends use up energy that the plant can devote to other areas of the plant.  Then you want to clip at a 45 degree angle above an outside bud.  This will help your rose with outward growth.  Continue to do this to all of the branches and then wait for your results this spring.

This is also a great way to shape your rose.  So if you have a rose tree especially you can help shape it for the summer.

Good luck to all the gardeners out there and keep those pictures coming.  We might do a before pruning and after with spring and summer pictures!

*Tip – Don’t run with scissors!

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