Should I Prune My Plants?

We all experienced what happens every once in awhile to make the South shut down for a few days.  The frost and snow which we love to see, but hate to be out and about while it is occurring.  Now all that remains as evidence of the snow and ice is almost a distant memory – you may be asking yourself – should I prune my plants?  I have been tempted to clip off the dead bits of our plants so that they won’t look so unsightly; while they wait for the spring to wake them with its figurative kiss.

We must resist those temptations for the overall health of our plants.  It will possibly damage and expose to further damage before the spring is here.  If we prune our plants now they will be venerable to further frosts which could actually prohibit the plants from optimal growth during the growing season.  If the plant is “hanging on by a thread” then the pruning exposure would finish the poor plant off for good.

Also, do not fertilize right now either.  If there is new growth right now and it is exposed to frost it will have a reversal effect for your plant.   I definitely cannot wait to see all the beautiful flowers in bloom this spring, but for now the pansies will have to hold you and me!

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