The Importance of Mulching Leaves for Lawns

Raking leaves is a time honored family tradition in Georgia, but there is another way to take care of leaves that doesn’t involve blisters and possible pulled muscles.  The solution is to use a good mulching mower to grind them where they fall.

Shredded leaves will contribute nutrients and organic matter to your soil.  Leaves will not cause thatch build up and will not throw your soil PH levels off if you try this method.  If you have a shortage of leaves; neighbors will gladly share them with you!

Leaves that are left on top of a yard will become a dense and soggy mat that blocks sunlight and oxygen to your lawn.  By mulching your leaves they will easily decompose into the soil by next spring and provide minerals and nutrients that a healthy lawn requires.   We hope this inspires you to go work in the yard and make sure to wear a thick coat!

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