The difference between an Azalea and an Encore Azalea

The difference between an azalea and an encore azalea

It is glorious in the spring when all the different flowers start to bloom.  I know I am not the only one who thinks so and with this in mind scientist are now making it so we can enjoy these blooms more often and longer!   With all the different advances society is making our plants are also on the cutting edge of science too!   The first advances toward the encore azalea started in the 1980’s.   The encore azalea was originated by creating a hybrid between the azalea that blooms in the spring and an azalea that blooms in the fall starting in September.

Azaleas are very diverse; there are up to 23 different types of azaleas right now.  You can get many different types of leaves and four different types of flower petals.  A regular azalea can only bloom once a year in the spring.  The warmer climates azaleas usually bloom earlier starting in March and April and the blooms last for up to two weeks.  An encore Azalea can bloom in the spring time as well in the fall up until frost.  We have blooms on our encore azaleas right now.

The conditions for both azaleas are generally the same.  This means that they both thrive in partial sun, well drained soil, and do well with acidic soil (which is good considering the Georgia clay).  So the next time you are buying azaleas make sure that you are buying an encore azalea so we all can enjoy the added blooms throughout the year!

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